New Opportunities TL;DR

I'm open to new opportunities to work with great companies or startups. This page lists the key factors that I would likely be looking for in any new opportunity. In any case, feel free to reach out to discuss what you're thinking about.

What I'm good at

I build effective engineering teams. I can help your company if you have a starting team that needs some help building their processes, or an existing team that has grown beyond its current capabilities and started slowing down. Or other similar scenario's like creating more reliable delivery of value.

I'm happy to write some code -- still do as a hobby! -- and can build solid systems, but it's not the primary point of leverage: I do most of my work through people. Understanding engineers needs & goals, aligning teams and individuals to business goals, and guiding & coaching.

Wondering what I accomplished for previous employers? Read my most recent CV.

What I'm looking for

This page is inspired by, who has a similar setup.